Shop till you drop

A quick reminder about my little society6 shop where you can currently buy prints of my illustration work. I haven’t managed to put any of my fine art work up there yet, but hopefully that’s coming soon.

There’s not much profit to be made on society6 unless I sell hundreds of thousands of prints (which is unlikely!), so any meagre profit I might make can go towards my monthly donation to the WWF in Finland. Anything leftover will be spent on rum. And toilet paper.


WWF Green Office illustration and animation

These illustrations were made for WWF with the intention of being distributed to other WWF branches globally. I just got word that the WWF in China loved these illustrations so they will also be using them in their campaigns! Yey! No royalty fees, but hey, lots of people in China will spread the love. Or something like that.











WWF Green Office animation compilation

WWF Green Office from atomicparadise on Vimeo.

This video is a compilation of animations made originally as gifs to share on the web.

Illustration by myself. Animation by myself and Sami Rouhiainen, specifically the computer table, the bin, and the rubbish table scenes. Check out some of Sami’s digital work here.
Produced at Sek, Finland.