Digital Traces

The original ink drawing is from the ‘Traces’ collaborative project with dancer and artist Liisa.

Ink lines with background:

Digital Movement Drawing #1


Vector lines only:

Digital Movement Drawing #4


Traces – drawing dance and movement

Traces - drawing dance and movement

I’m currently working on a project with dancer and artist Liisa. The idea follows on from our past collaborative drawing on the Portobello mural.

Liisa creates an improvised dance using a technique where she fully immerses herself in the movement. I draw her movement also picking out certain forms in her body that catch my attention in a fight between gesture, figurative and abstract drawing. This is the first drawing above. I make the drawing with a Japanese brush style ink pen.

After the movement Liisa writes her experience. I then make another drawing from the memory of what just happened. This is the second drawing above.

We have an idea to keep doing this and possibly collate the work somehow into an exhibition and/or a book.

‘Traces’ is a working title.