Close-up city

Here are some close-ups of the great unfinished “Condom City” (as my Dad calls it). I might come back to it and add more detail, plus an arm or two. Maybe even colour if I’m in a radical mood.


Toasted City -close up#2


Toasted City -close up#6


Toasted City -close up#5


Toasted City -close up#4


Toasted City -close up#3


WWF Green Office animation compilation

WWF Green Office from atomicparadise on Vimeo.

This video is a compilation of animations made originally as gifs to share on the web.

Illustration by myself. Animation by myself and Sami Rouhiainen, specifically the computer table, the bin, and the rubbish table scenes. Check out some of Sami’s digital work here.
Produced at Sek, Finland.