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Mariachi jazz?

Here are some character doodles inspired by drawing with my daughter.

Mariachi jazz

“Daddy, draw some blob dudes.”

“Okay. Let’s listen to some jazz.”

“Ok… what’s jazz?”



Transfer -a music and drawing piece

A music and drawing pieceA music and drawing pieceA music and drawing pieceA music and drawing piece

Performed at Creekside Artists, Deptford. 26.09.08.
Vicky Steiri -Cello
Frederick Fuller -Electric bass, pedals

I had an idea to do a live improvised drawing performance as part of Creekside Artists open studio event. I’d often drawn by observing a person moving through space, but I thought it would be interesting to see how music would affect the drawing process and also how a musician could be influenced by the drawing process.

Initially I wanted an acoustic musican and influenced by Naim June Paik’s collaboration with Charlotte Moorman in ‘TV Cello’ I advertised if anyone would be interested. Vicky Steiri got in touch and we talked about the idea and she liked it. She is classically trained and also very skilled so I was confident she would be able to adapt to the situation. Frederick Fuller also expressed interest since he was at the time making experimental music, so I thought the two should meet. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but the music that was created during the performance was magnificent. In fact I felt rather upstaged! Initially we were supposed to play for about three hours, but we ended short of that when we felt we were running out of steam (I think I ran out of steam before those two!).

For fun I also made a score for this.