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I have some new images on my art blog chrisfraserart.com, here are a few of the black and white ones. Some are ink drawings with colour others are pure line studies.

The images below are playing with the notion of life being like a soup from the beginning of life to now, on a microcosmic and macrocosmic level.

Life often feels like a soup. A really thick soup with far too many ingredients that sometimes tastes good and sometimes tastes awful.












movement mural

A piece made in August derived from drawings made for the creation of a digital mural. I collaborated with a dancer to make site-specific choreographies which were then captured on video and I drew from this. I then converted the drawings into vector artwork and began playing. Click to see it larger.
(detail 1)
Movement drawing -detail 1
(detail 2)
Movement drawing -detail 2

laban dance centre sketches

laban dance centre sketches
laban dance centre sketches
Drawings made during a live dance performance of new students’ work at the Laban Centre. The drawings attempt to map and express the movements of the dancers though observational drawing. Rather than drawing the body in motion as a representational figurative study I was more interested in the energy and movement of the dancers and somehow mapping this. Part experiment and part technical study. I often develop further drawings from the memory of the movements or directly from the original drawings.
laban dance centre sketches
laban dance centre sketches
laban dance centre sketches

liverpool biennale digital drawing

Euston Station

I just submitted this for the Liverpool Biennale. It is a digital drawing developed from sketches made at Euston station. Drawing digitally is a new direction for my fine artwork that probably derives from my commercial illustration work. It isn’t drawn using a tablet, but this is something I hope to aquire soon, funds pending… .

I am currently on the case with developing the Trailerpark website and working on funding. Help is out there!



This is something I brought with me from Cardiff. Usually I don’t like adding lots of things over a long period of time to one canvas or paper, but I’m treating this as more of a large illustration that I just want to build up. The original charcoal markings on the canvas were made during a performance I did about two years ago! I wonder what this will look like in another two years…


Now I’m updating this post with images of a more recent version.

Movement urban painting drawing

Movement urban painting drawing

Movement urban painting drawing