Drawing dancers from the net

Below are some drawings from 2018. I wanted to draw the movement of a dancer, but not having a chance to draw a real dancer in a studio I resorted to drawing from videos on the internet.

I tried to capture the flow and energy of the movement whilst also capturing the form of the body through quick gestural marks.

I also made some more drawings I made around the city which I posted on chrisfraserart.com

Sergei Polunin dancing ‘Take Me to Church’ by Hozier

Sergei Polunin dancing ‘Take Me to Church’ by Hozier

Sergei Polunin dancing ‘Take Me to Church’ by Hozier

Audrey Case dancing ‘Incomplete’ by James Bay

Autumn Miller dancing


Life drawings of a moving Butoh dancer

Here are some life drawings of a moving Butoh dancer made during a life drawing class at Taidehalli art gallery, Helsinki. Some of these drawings were made while I was moving around the space; in a few of them I moved 360 degrees around the subject.

Butoh movement drawing 1

Butoh movement drawing 2

Butoh movement drawing 3

Butoh movement drawing 4

Butoh movement drawing 5

Butoh movement drawing 6

Butoh movement drawing 7

Butoh movement drawing 8


I have some new images on my art blog chrisfraserart.com, here are a few of the black and white ones. Some are ink drawings with colour others are pure line studies.

The images below are playing with the notion of life being like a soup from the beginning of life to now, on a microcosmic and macrocosmic level.

Life often feels like a soup. A really thick soup with far too many ingredients that sometimes tastes good and sometimes tastes awful.