Digital Traces

The original ink drawing is from the ‘Traces’ collaborative project with dancer and artist Liisa.

Ink lines with background:

Digital Movement Drawing #1


Vector lines only:

Digital Movement Drawing #4


Transfer -a music and drawing piece

A music and drawing pieceA music and drawing pieceA music and drawing pieceA music and drawing piece

Performed at Creekside Artists, Deptford. 26.09.08.
Vicky Steiri -Cello
Frederick Fuller -Electric bass, pedals

I had an idea to do a live improvised drawing performance as part of Creekside Artists open studio event. I’d often drawn by observing a person moving through space, but I thought it would be interesting to see how music would affect the drawing process and also how a musician could be influenced by the drawing process.

Initially I wanted an acoustic musican and influenced by Naim June Paik’s collaboration with Charlotte Moorman in ‘TV Cello’ I advertised if anyone would be interested. Vicky Steiri got in touch and we talked about the idea and she liked it. She is classically trained and also very skilled so I was confident she would be able to adapt to the situation. Frederick Fuller also expressed interest since he was at the time making experimental music, so I thought the two should meet. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but the music that was created during the performance was magnificent. In fact I felt rather upstaged! Initially we were supposed to play for about three hours, but we ended short of that when we felt we were running out of steam (I think I ran out of steam before those two!).

For fun I also made a score for this.

‘Plastic Paradise’

A live drawing and installation at Experimentica live art festival.

Artwork was hung on the walls. Projections taken of people moving through the urban environment were projected onto the walls and drawings were made. A table in the centre of the space became a stage for the interplay of objects and materials. Painted string was tied around the space linking the various objects and artworks. The eventual installation was lit only by three discarded television monitors.





‘Untitled’ – Live durational drawing and installation

This was a durational live drawing created for the Umbrella Arts show ‘Catalyst’ at Tactile Bosch Studios in Cardiff, Wales.

The piece lasted for about a week following a daily structure of filming people around the city, collecting news clippings from the day and detritus then bringing them to the gallery in the evening. News clippings of the day were posted to the walls and floor of the space. Video made during that day was projected onto the walls and drawings were made following the movements of the people and vehicles. Small micro-performances were also created in the space using found objects and paint. The result was left as an installation.