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Onsen sketch

I’m fleshing out my Kyoto onsen sketch, deciding to draw people instead of creatures. Keeping it real!


Kinkaku-ji sketch

Kinkaku-ji sketch

A quick sketch from a photo I took of Kinkaku-ji temple (‘The Golden Temple’) in Kyoto. I’d go back in a heartbeat. Beautiful place. I might try and ink this one at some point. I’ll try my best not to add any silly creatures, but I’m not sure if I can help myself… . The temple isn’t actually that old, it was rebuilt in 1955 after it burned down. The site has been there for a long time and the garden was probably one of the most remarkable things about the place.

Going toast update!

Firstly, happy new year! It’s started off quite dramatically. In some ways good and some ways bad, but let’s hope things get better before they get worse. Secondly, I’ve updated the going toast blog with a series influenced by the recent attacks in Paris and also a drawing that is a warm up for something more detailed.

Go see! >>

Death is behind you, Charlie! #1

Bathers #2


Afternoon in Kyoto

Afternoon in Kyoto


I left the inking like this for now. Maybe in the future I can colour it. It’s a fun combination of sketching, detailed drawing and cartoon illustration. I love the complexity of the scene with all the telephone and electricity lines. I drew this from a photograph I took myself. It was taken from a bridge of what is probably quite an ordinary street in Kyoto. The perspective was a fun drawing work-out!


'Afternoon in Kyoto' - detail #1


'Afternoon in Kyoto' - detail #2


'Afternoon in Kyoto' - detail #3


'Afternoon in Kyoto' - detail #5


'Afternoon in Kyoto' - detail #6


'Afternoon in Kyoto' - detail #4