Inktober devils

Inktober was some time ago on instagram, but I never updated progress on my blog. So, this is what I ended up with after lots of little drawings of devils everyday for a month. Perhaps they should all stay like this in an unfinished sketchy state or go crazy adding millions more of the little devils until it’s just insane. Anyway, it was fun and someday the devils may return for more!

Two sketchbooks and the first pages

Two sketchbooks and the first pages

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Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap

Everything is fine. There is no cause for alarm. Please move along steadily. Mind the gap. Enjoy your journey. Move away from the closing doors. Remember to smile. Chin-up. Keep on keeping on.

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Passing the Great Exhibtion

The Great Exhibition

Can you spot the art references? There’s probably some in there that even I don’t know! I think the character on the cloud could be coming off the cloud soon. The fuzzy Hikaru character seems to be a kids art guide this time around. I’m happy that my sculpture designs finally made it into an art show. I think this is just the right place for them!