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Random nonsense!

Here’s some random nonsense I usually do with my daughter. First makes some blobs, then give them something to do! Good old stupid fun.


Public sculptures




I put these sketches on instagram a few months ago. I now have an account on there which I’m sometimes using to post things: instagram.com/chrisfraseronline

These are something I thought could be quite fun made as a 3D render. That’s something I’m in the process of learning, so lets see. They could still work as giant golden statues, but I might need a little funding for that!

Toasted update!

going toast update

An update for the going toast cartoon blog. There’s some new cartoons and news about the drawing that made it into the Doodlers Anonymous robot-themed colouring book which can be purchased here for a mere $9. Feel free to scribble all over my drawing an send it back to me: chrisfraseronline(at)yahoo.co.uk

Muchos gracias. Stay toasty.


Going toast update!

Firstly, happy new year! It’s started off quite dramatically. In some ways good and some ways bad, but let’s hope things get better before they get worse. Secondly, I’ve updated the going toast blog with a series influenced by the recent attacks in Paris and also a drawing that is a warm up for something more detailed.

Go see! >>

Death is behind you, Charlie! #1

Bathers #2