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I’ve been participating in this years Inktober on Instagram. If you’re not familiar with it then basically each year in October Jake Parker, the founder of Inktober on instagram, invites people to create a drawing in ink everyday throughout October. There are other variants on the main theme, but so far Jake’s Inktober is still the most popular.

I tried to participate last year by drawing a character everyday to illustrate the daily theme that eventually would build up into a larger single drawing by the end of October. I didn’t mange to complete the drawing in October last year, but the result is here!

This year I’m doing a similar thing; so far I’ve managed to make a drawing everyday and I’m on my way to completing some kind of final drawing. Below are a selection of the drawings I have made so far.

Visit my instagram and follow my progress!

Day 1 'Swift'Day 2 'Divided'Day 4 'Underwater'Day 13 'Teeming'

Visit my instagram and follow my progress!


Passing the Great Exhibtion

The Great Exhibition

Can you spot the art references? There’s probably some in there that even I don’t know! I think the character on the cloud could be coming off the cloud soon. The fuzzy Hikaru character seems to be a kids art guide this time around. I’m happy that my sculpture designs finally made it into an art show. I think this is just the right place for them!