Pierre the Devil

Pierre on my shoulder

Happy New Year from me and my little friend!

The devil decided to grow hair and a moustache, start smoking and has adopted a French accent. He wants to be known as Pierre. My guess is he has many names.


Inktober devils

Inktober was some time ago on instagram, but I never updated progress on my blog. So, this is what I ended up with after lots of little drawings of devils everyday for a month. Perhaps they should all stay like this in an unfinished sketchy state or go crazy adding millions more of the little devils until it’s just insane. Anyway, it was fun and someday the devils may return for more!

Two sketchbooks and the first pages

Two sketchbooks and the first pages

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Devil on the shoulder

Sometimes I have this devil on my shoulder. Sometimes he’s fun and sometimes he’s there just to cause trouble.

A bit of fun and practice with the ipad anyway. It’s very different to traditional drawing for me. I feel a bit inadequate still, but I’ll keep practicing. The devil idea comes from my thoughts about my artistic background. Going to art school is a bit like having a devil on your shoulder for the rest of your life! Plus, I’m sure that eveyone has felt they have a devil on their shoulder about something!

I like this noir version, but I should be smoking!

My pitch to Netflix: ‘A disgruntled full-time working family man who constantly seems at odds with the world around him finds his world getting even more challenging when a little red devil decides to appear at the most awkward times.’ 😆👹