“Jumble City”






I posted these doodles on the goingtoast.com cartoon blog also. I had fun doing this with no preliminary pencil sketch, just letting it fly. I’m thinking that this could turn into a series incorporating some of the characters from the blog, perhaps following one of them on a journey. Let’s see if this doesn’t turn into another always ongoing unfinished project! Colour would be great too…

If you liked this, here’s more: https://chrisfraseronline.wordpress.com/category/illustration/


51 thoughts on ““Jumble City”

    1. chrisfraseronline Post author

      Thanks for the great feedback! My thinking is that they could be eventually linked into some sort of story, but I’m just doing them for the love of drawing at the moment. It’s great that you think they could make a good kids book!

  1. Ajinkya Goyal

    Whoa this is seriously cool πŸ‘I’ve got pretty artistic friends (none of that rubbed off on my though, as is plenty visible on my blog airborneorange.wordpress.com) and this is right up there with the best.
    You ever think of selling these?
    Do check out my blog though please. I only just started and need all the feedback I can get.
    Thanks in advance and see you there!

    1. chrisfraseronline Post author

      I’m continuing some kind of series of drawings with a similar style and characters. I’ll check out your blog. If you’ve started then all I can say is to keep at it! I don’t post things that regularly online, but I can see the benefit of doing that. You have to trust what you’re doing is good and keep challenging yourself and learning. Oh boy, I hate it when people give advice like this, but we all need support.

      1. chrisfraseronline Post author

        It can take years to get something good. I’m still crap compared to some, but I keep doing it anyway!

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    1. chrisfraseronline Post author

      I’m not sure how long it took, since I did it in stages on a train going to and from my main job.

  3. Bhagyashri

    Beautifully drawn. Even though it’s a jumble city, it’s too clear. The story inside the box will make the brain get into the concentration. Hats off to your time. Worth spendings over the creativity.


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