Kinkaku-ji sketch

Kinkaku-ji sketch

A quick sketch from a photo I took of Kinkaku-ji temple (‘The Golden Temple’) in Kyoto. I’d go back in a heartbeat. Beautiful place. I might try and ink this one at some point. I’ll try my best not to add any silly creatures, but I’m not sure if I can help myself… . The temple isn’t actually that old, it was rebuilt in 1955 after it burned down. The site has been there for a long time and the garden was probably one of the most remarkable things about the place.


Ghost of a life drawing

Ghost of a life drawing

This drawing was a happy accident from my point of view. Some charcoal life drawings had been in my sketchbook for a while. When I decided to take them out to fix the charcoal I found that some of the drawings had rubbed-off onto the other side of the paper. Most of them were very light, but this one happened to rub off onto thicker paper so caught more of the drawing. I really like the effect and actually think it works better than the original drawing!