‘Traces’ – Update 4

Here’s an update from my art blog. At the moment I’m collaborating with artist Liisa Jaakonaho and we’re working through many sessions involving drawing, movement and text. See more here.




3 replies to “‘Traces’ – Update 4

  1. OMG so mad love it so much! Discovered your dance sketches on pinterest first then got ATTRACTED to all your crazy movement drawings! Such an inspiration for me to understand dance and choreography!

    1. Thanks. I’m not sure how ‘crazy’ they are, but if it’s a compliment I’ll take it! I’m very interested in the challenge of capturing movement through drawing, sometimes they can look very busy, messy and complicated, but that also depends on the kind of movement and for how long I continue drawing. Of course to a certain extent it depends on my feeling in the moment of drawing, but I try to focus on capturing the movement of the body in motion.

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