Monthly Archives: October 2007

gallery of splats

A revamped version of an older vector illustration.

movement mural

A piece made in August derived from drawings made for the creation of a digital mural. I collaborated with a dancer to make site-specific choreographies which were then captured on video and I drew from this. I then converted the drawings into vector artwork and began playing. Click to see it larger.
(detail 1)
Movement drawing -detail 1
(detail 2)
Movement drawing -detail 2

gothic tattoo badge thing

gothic tattoo badge thing

I was happy that I recently managed to squeeze in some illustration work into some web page designs, this is something simple inspired by tattoo designs. I didn’t have much more time to elaborate on it, but it was different for me and fun!

It’s on the October edition of in the magazine section… Some more little illustrations are in November’s issue too. I never thought of myself as a man of fashion!