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This is something I brought with me from Cardiff. Usually I don’t like adding lots of things over a long period of time to one canvas or paper, but I’m treating this as more of a large illustration that I just want to build up. The original charcoal markings on the canvas were made during a performance I did about two years ago! I wonder what this will look like in another two years…


Now I’m updating this post with images of a more recent version.

Movement urban painting drawing

Movement urban painting drawing

Movement urban painting drawing


train station sketches

These are studies made in Euston and Waterloo station. The main concern in these drawings is to capture the movement of people in space and time. There is a figurative apsect to these drawings that I don’t mind and there is also a more diagramatic study. In all these drawings I have tried to keep the line loose and free. Some elements of the background have been sketched in as a framework.











These pen and ink images I have in my sketchbook. The shading was done in just a few brush strokes. My flatmate Patrick lent me a Japanese Sum-i book (written in German), so I did some experiments. I love Japanese art in many forms from Edo period woodcuts to modern day Manga, the craftsmanship of the line is inspiring.

The second sketch was a precursor to the first. I like this one because it has more of its own strange feeling and doesn’t follow natural laws. This character gives it a little more life. I tried my best not to just copy a Hokusai wave and do something different, but part of me also couldn’t resist mimicking some of those beautiful shapes.