Robot drawing series

Robot drawing series

This is a body of fine art drawing work exploring the use of an infra-red robot in my drawing practice. The idea was to investigate the possibilities of randomness and performative interaction with the robot and explore notions about territory and networks.

'Grid #1'

In the first piece ‘Grid #1’ I drew a simple nine square grid with clearly defined lines the robot could follow. I attached a graphite pencil to the front of the robot. I then let the robot run it’s course around the grid making marks as it went. The whole process was captured on analogue video.

'Grid #2 (Network)'

The next piece ‘Grid #2 (Network)’ was staged as a performance in a gallery/studio. The drawing followed a similar process to the first, however the starting point of the nine square grid this time was ‘exploded’. Whilst the robot was running it’s course on the drawing and making marks I was selecting points between these squares or territories and drawing networking paths.

'Grid #3 (Network)'

The third piece ‘Grid #3 (Network)’ followed a similar process to the previous piece, but this time the squares exploded farther apart creating more possibilities for drawing networking paths. The process was captured on analogue video and presented as an extension of the piece rather than just purely documentation.

'Populous #1'

This piece was entitled ‘Populous #1’. It was presented at an art event as a live drawing installation. The audience was invited to first lie on the paper in any position they choose and I would draw around their figure. Once enough drawings had been made the infra-red robot was placed on the paper and left to follow the lines until the battery had drained.

'Populous #2'

In this piece ‘Populous #2’ elements from the first ‘Populous’ drawing and the previous ‘Grid’ series drawings were combined and presented as a live drawing installation.