Afternoon in Kyoto

Afternoon in Kyoto


I left the inking like this for now. Maybe in the future I can colour it. It’s a fun combination of sketching, detailed drawing and cartoon illustration. I love the complexity of the scene with all the telephone and electricity lines. I drew this from a photograph I took myself. It was taken from a bridge of what is probably quite an ordinary street in Kyoto. The perspective was a fun drawing work-out!


'Afternoon in Kyoto' - detail #1


'Afternoon in Kyoto' - detail #2


'Afternoon in Kyoto' - detail #3


'Afternoon in Kyoto' - detail #5


'Afternoon in Kyoto' - detail #6


'Afternoon in Kyoto' - detail #4

The Great London Jellyfish Explosion!

The Great London Jellyfish Explosion


I found this drawing unfinished a few days ago. It was just a jellyfish, a tube, a bus, a tube sign and some tentacles. Don’t ask me what the hell it is about. I started it while I was living in London and I’m not sure why I didn’t finish it. It was nice to just let go and I’m glad I managed to get some London green parrots in there!

The Wonderful Ocean

The Wonderful Ocean


So here’s a silly drawing, done whilst drawing with my daughter. She loves sea creatures, absolutely obsessed with Octonauts.

I recently watched a series by Simon Reeve about the Indian Ocean and it was very eye-opening, shocking and sad to see what is happening to our seas. Most of the Earth is covered with sea and it contains such a large, vibrant, yet fragile ecosystem, so it’s a shame to see that ecosystem being plundered and ravaged by man. However it is hopeful to see what people are doing to combat the degradation of our seas. I just hope that there are still all these amazing creatures when my daughter grows up. If they go it’s going to be an even harder life for humanity.