The Great London Jellyfish Explosion!

The Great London Jellyfish Explosion


I found this drawing unfinished a few days ago. It was just a jellyfish, a tube, a bus, a tube sign and some tentacles. Don’t ask me what the hell it is about. I started it while I was living in London and I’m not sure why I didn’t finish it. It was nice to just let go and I’m glad I managed to get some London green parrots in there!

The Wonderful Ocean

The Wonderful Ocean


So here’s a silly drawing, done whilst drawing with my daughter. She loves sea creatures, absolutely obsessed with Octonauts.

I recently watched a series by Simon Reeve about the Indian Ocean and it was very eye-opening, shocking and sad to see what is happening to our seas. Most of the Earth is covered with sea and it contains such a large, vibrant, yet fragile ecosystem, so it’s a shame to see that ecosystem being plundered and ravaged by man. However it is hopeful to see what people are doing to combat the degradation of our seas. I just hope that there are still all these amazing creatures when my daughter grows up. If they go it’s going to be an even harder life for humanity.

Character emotions

I drew these for use in a workshop for disabled children. For some it seems it is hard to define emotions so these were made into cards and shown to the kids so they could think more about different emotional states.

Character emotions 1


Character emotions 2